Monday, 13 February 2012

Whatever happenned to January?

And half of February for that matter!!!
I had such good intentions to restart my blog on my 4th blogversary but since Boxing day I have been laid low by a nasty cold virus that turned into chronic sinusitis followed by bronchitis. I haven't been sleeping which has left me exhausted. I haven't been able to run, a terrible thing for someone totally addicted to running, or cycle, or do much at all really. Even reading has been hard work!!!!
I have just had my third session of acupuncture and yet more homeopathic remedies, but for once they really have been struggling to overcome the nasty virus still clinging on. I am hoping that with more sleep I shall have more strength to fight back.
To add to all this we have had about 8ins of snow and freezing temperatures for the past week or so with no sign of a thaw yet. And I thought we lived in the south of France not the frozen north!
Anyway enough of this moaning I am determined to banish the virus and get my life back to normal [whatever normal is]. So as of today I will be back visiting blogs and posting atleast once a week. I just hope that you haven't forgotten me, sob, sob, and will still visit me from time to time.
I am planning an overhaul of my blog as it seems to be set in a time warp, a bit like me really, but I shall see what I can do. So by for now and see you soon.