Thursday, 31 January 2013

Insomnia rules!!

I'm still having trouble with sleeping, it seems to have been with me forever. I have tried Acupuncture several times and it works for a while then I revert to sleepless nights again. I have also tried Homeopathy and herbal remedies, nothing works. What I won't do is take sleeping pills. But it has got to the point where I feel tired all the time and it's very difficult to concentrate. So I am trying an on-line sleep course[6 weeks] that I read about in the Telegraph. It was set up by a Professor at Glasgow University and uses Cognitive Behaviour Therapy[CBT]. I have just started the second week and so far haven't got beyond the obvious behaviour such as relaxing before bed, cutting out cafeine before bed, having a comfortable bed and bedroom etc. All of which I have already addressed. But I'm hoping as the weeks progress there will be new ideas and suggestions. So I will give updates as the weeks pass. I have my fingers crossed. Meanwhile I have been spending a little time on trying to sort out where I am with wip 1. I had left it untouched for quite a while so it will take some time to see what needs doing, but I am determined to finish the 2nd draft. Meanwhile the photo is how I would like to sleep!!

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

January blues and help please!

Help I've just tried to download a photo and when I click on insert image I'm getting a new prompt which has changed from last week and I don't understand it. Has Blogger changed or is it me being my technophobe self. Please tell me what to do.
Well I'm not entirely sure what I have done but lets hope it works again!!! The photo is from a trip to Italy and is to cheer us all up from the January blues.

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Blog birthday

Just to say that this is the 6th birthday of my blog, so happy blogday to me. I have also mentionned in a previous post that the 8th of January is the day when Isabel Allende sits down each year to start a new novel so it's not a bad day for me to have chosen. I am hoping that this will prove to be an auspicious day for re-launching my aspirations as a writer.
 This is what I scribbled this morning:

Take one step into the past
Hold onto the present
Look to the future.
Write as if your life depended on it
Every word shall be a mirror
Every sentence a search for understanding.
Don't be shy

Put your heart on the page
And it will be good.
Banish fear to the closet
Leap from the cliff
And watch your wings unfold.

So I hope my wings can hold me up and keep me flying, and that this will be a good year. Now I had better do some real work.

Monday, 7 January 2013

Bonne annee et bonne sante

Happy New Year to fellow bloggers. Obviously we survived the end of the world, and New Years Eve which was spent eating drinking and being very merry with friends over from England. Now its the start of a new year and the chance of a new beginning. Last year saw very little progress on either of the books I have been attempting to write, nor did I keep up with blogging. I did keep an eye of other bloggers posts but didn't always leave comments.
Now I want to give blogging and writing another chance. If I can't be consistant then I shall give up and move on. Life is too short and should not be wasted.
I shall give progress reports over the next few weeks on the second draft of wip one and any additions to wip two. If any of you can find time for some words of encouragement or but kicking I would appreciate it. In the meantime wish me luck, no I don't need luck I need to work and stop making excuses.

"and now we welcome the new year,
full of things that have never been."  Reiner Maria Rilke

What promise those simple lines hold for us all.