Wednesday, 18 April 2007

Farm sale collapses

I feel really depressed because the sale of our farm has fallen through. The prospective purchasors couldn't come up with the money. It wouldn't be quite so bad if it hadn't taken 6 weeks to get to this point. Now we have to start all over again.

I find it really hard to keep the house gleaming and then there is the garden, everything is growing like mad at the moment and gardening essentially for other people is not one of my favourite pastimes.

Once you have made up your mind to move on then all you want is to get on with it. It's hard to concentrate when all you can think about is the next viewing.

Anyway enough moaning. Back to normal posts tomorrow or Friday. Easter Bunnies and lambs.


liz fenwick said...

My heart sank for you. Hopefully a new buyer will come along quickly. Hang in there.

MrsByTheWay said...

Sorry to hear the news. Perhaps the farm will be an attractive prospect for buyers in the spring and another will be along soon. Fingers crossed for you.
Am very much enjoying your blog. Its a soothing contrast to life here in London.

rivergirlie said...

how frustrating for you. i hate it when plans change at the last moment, so i really do feel for you. be brave