Thursday, 27 November 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

To all our American bloggers have a great day.


JJ said...

Lovely pictures. Are they yours?

We're teetering on the edge here... rumours of a coup tonight are flying about. Husband has a flight to leave India (not Mumbai thank god, but Bangalore) tonight for Singapore. Can't get a flight home ... maybe able to get one tomorrow night or sat to Phuket! Thanks for your thoughts, but do keep your fingers crossed for us!

liz fenwick said...

They look so good - i'm feeling a bit blue as this is the first year I'm not doing any Thanksgiving....

JJ glad to read your comment and know the your hubbie is not in Mumbai.


Zinnia Cyclamen said...

Like Christmas - not so happy for the turkeys! Poor Liz, it must be horrid to miss out on a whole important festival. I hope you get to do some Thanksgiving next year.

JJ said...


I think I've sorted my error out - if you get the error message next time you're on, please can you leave a message for me (again) and I'll take it up with Neoworx.

Thanks so much, JJx

Ms Melancholy said...

They look very thankful they missed the thanksgiving pot!

One of the local farmers has a pet turkey - he used to breed them for christmas, and this one escaped the day before the slaughter and then returned on Boxing day. He was so impressed with it's ingenuity he kept it on as a pet. It scares the life out of Ruby every time we walk past the farm.

Hugs from Yorkshire,

Ms M and Stray xxx

Lane said...

Just to say, thinking of you this Christmas Sheepish.
Take care.