Friday, 20 March 2009

Sorry another rant required!!!

I had intended to do a blog about the lovely Caroline today but I have been exasperated by phone problems. Unbelievably our phone number has been replaced by somebody else's, so we have been receiving somebody else's calls!!!!!. For the past two days we have been able to dial out but not receive calls to our number, I had phoned to complain and been told that this was being looked into. Then this morning we started to get someone elses calls. So I made yet another phone call which lasted for about 16 minutes with me trying to convince the technician that if I did as he said and disconnected the phone line I would not be able to continue the conversation with him!!!! Eventually he recognised the difficulty, now we have to wait for a text message to our mobile to inform us when the problem is resolved. In the meantime we can phone out but only receive someone elses calls, and the poor lady whose phone number we now have has no phone or internet. She phoned me earlier after a friend told her about getting hold of me on her number and all in French of course.

Confused, yes and so are we!!!! All I wanted was to save us some money. I wonder if I could write a short story about this, no it's too far fetched for anyone to believe.
Normal service will resume soon, I hope!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Un Peu Loufoque said...

MY dear husband decided for some reason jsut before ppour holiday last summr that he would swap providers, I think it was the dulcet tones of the young French sale swoman on the line, I persuaded him that this was daft, that I needed the number for work, that my website had a link to it so he changed his mind. Alas not fast enough , thus we were phone less and internet free for almost a month!! Ah isnt France fun!

Lane said...

Confusing, annoying and ggrrrrrring!

liz fenwick said...

How frustrating!!! Hope it's resolved soon.