Sunday, 1 November 2009

Sunday word count 8

Oh dear a very bad week, only 500 words and they felt like pulling teeth. I seem to have reached a bit of an impasse. I have been writing this first draft for THREE YEARS [started October 2006!!!!] and it has been written as and when an idea comes to me. Now I am not quite sure where I am. Finding where the continuity is missing is proving hard work. So like JJ I have to spend some time working through what I have already written and filling in the missing bits plus a bit more research to do. Atleast for that I have some friends in England who have very kindly agreed to help.
I think next week will be hard too but I am determined to sort myself out and get the rest of the draft finished.


ChrisH said...

Well done for keeping going 'though - you'll get there.

JJ Beattie said...

Come Sheepish... let's get at it again. I'm going to get going again this week - in between the Melbourne Cup and meetings!