Monday, 22 February 2010

There once was an Ugly Duckling!

Well a duck actually. As you can see he/she is different from the other wild ducks. They are on the River Aude where I often go running/cycling and just before Christmas this unusual duck appeared. I have tried looking in my bird book but cannot find the species so if anyone out there recognises it do leave a comment. I have named the duck Dab Dab after the duck in Doctor Dolittle and have taken to feeding them when I cycle along the river.
The locals probably think I'm mad as the only reason they would feed the ducks would be to fatten them up ready for the pot!!!
At last the weather here seems to be warming up, we have already had two lots of snow this year and it has been really cold, down to -8 deg C overnight and not much warmer during the day. Not what we expected when we moved south!!!!! However over the weekend the temp reached 16 deg C with lovely warm sun so fingers crossed that it stays like this. I always have more energy and enthusiasm when the sun shines so am intending to start on the second draft this week before I forget what the novel is about.


SpiralSkies said...

Maybe the mysterious duck is wearing a disguise so as to get more attention and food from the funny English lady on a bicycle?

JJ Beattie said...

OMG, you're planning to start the second draft? I'm going to be right behind you.... Maybe next week.

DJ Kirkby said...

It looks a bit like a cross between a duck and a goose. I'm impressed you're starting your second draft. I seem to have given up on writing all together at the moment, I can't seem to fit it in between working full time and studying.