Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Late snow and central heating!!!

We are probably one of the few people to have central heating installed just as the winter finally bows out. Although I have to say that the snow we had at the beginning of May was a surprise to say the least and we thought we might ask the plumber to get a move on as we needed the heating now!!! It has been hectic and chaotic with seemingly every room taken over by the plumber and even more mess than usual. And just as the plumber left the gas board started digging up the road to bring our gas supply. However all the work going on in the house meant that the OH had some time on his hands so he set to and built a Hen house and we are now the proud owners of 4 hens that are currently laying 2/3 eggs a day. It is so good to have our own supply of fresh eggs again.

Unfortunately I haven't been able to concentrate or find a quiet corner to write or blog. But i shall try and get back into some sort of routine again. I am so easily distracted, any excuse will do. Now I need to give myself a talking to especially as the sun is shining and it is finally getting warmer, and I always feel more energetic when the sun shines so a photo of our new hens and then !!!!! Back to digging the trench across our front garden to take the gas pipe, we thought about getting in a man with a mini digger but decided it would make too much mess so we are playing at 'navvies' for a few days. It's hard work but probably good for the muscles, although I'm not sure about the hairs on my chest!!!!
Back to the wip tomorrow or maybe the day after ..........!


Chris Stovell said...

Goodness me, I'm not suprised you haven't been able to find space and time to write - it sounds as if you've been incredibly busy there. Good news about the central heating... we're still having to put ours on. The oil bill's going to be through the roof.

liz fenwick said...

Ditto what Chris said about space to work!

I bet the digging will good for thinking about wip - good repetitive action will allow your subconscious to fly.


DJ Kirkby said...

Nice to see a post from you at long last! I used to love the fresh eggs I got to eat as a child. Good luck getting back to work on your wip.

JJ Beattie said...

Hey lovely racer. It's lovely to see a post. I'm a bit behind with the old wip too. Yes, maybe another race!

Jackie said...

Posh poulet palace!!! Go to work on an egg...then your book!!! lol J+K xx