Saturday, 10 July 2010

Holiday snaps

Oh no I hear you groan, not someone elses holiday photos, can there be anything more boring? Well probably not but you are going to get them anyway. Just to prove that we actually went. It seems like an age ago, a month actually and we have been busy with diy since our return, but more of that another day.

I have to say the photos are not as good as I had hoped and I have decided that I need to upgrade my camera. I know that old excuse, but this time it's true. Anyway for what they are worth, starting in Verazza Italy, then Sienna, the Piazza del Campo and the Duomo, then Pisa, lunch overlooking the Med, Volterra where we stayed for 4 nights then Saint Maxime [opposite Saint Tropez] in France and a rather angry sea. It was very windy and I couldn't keep the camera still.
We had a wonderful week, the weather was fabulous, sunny and hot so I was able to swim every day. We adore Italy, it's even more laid back than France, with good wine, gorgeous food and amazing architecture everywhere you go. Somehow it's good for the soul and we definitely recharged our batteries.
On the return leg of our trip we stayed two nights in the Var region exactly one week before the area was devestated by floods, with considerable loss of life. We felt very lucky indeed that we had not been involved and very saddened by the tragedy.
Hope you enjoy the photos.


SpiralSkies said...

Gorgeous photos and, unsurprisingly, you sound wonderfully destressed. Hope the DIY has helped burn off all that delicious Italian food?! X

JJ Beattie said...

They're gorgeous Sheepish and make me want to explore your part of the world again.

Jen's right, you sound very relaxed.

Debs said...

Love the photos.

How lucky that you were there a week before the floods, but how awful that they happened and people suffered so much.

Jackie said...

Wonderful snaps...could I have spotted the OH on one of them by any chance!!!Beautiful scenery...I'm so envious!! "k" finally sheared the 3rd sheep this week...ha ha!! the toenails were harder especially with the newcomer...French polish afterwards...Take care you two!!!

Tommy said...

These are beautiful pictures. You must of had a blast!