Friday, 14 January 2011

New year, new study, new impetus!

I would be doing this post with my new Dragon software but I am watching the T Twenty cricket[England v the Aussies] so it's too noisy, but so far I am impressed and looking forward to making progress on my new wip and the second draft of wip no.1. I also have a new study, the first time I have had a place I can call my own, and it's great. No excuses now other than all the usual ones that we mega procrastinators can call up at any time, but I shall try to be good. And I have got the wifi on my laptop sorted out, we popped into the local computer shop and they tweaked a few nobs and hey presto my wifi is working properly. So now I can sit in my armchair, watching tele while blogging instead of sitting at my desk writing. Real progress there then!!!!!So the photos, in reverse order, show the original kitchen when we bought this old house in 2005.
By April of this year we had moved to part of the new kitchen so we could start demolishing the old kitchen. I have to say it was not a moment too soon, the old kitchen was really beginning to depress me and when we uncovered the old water heater we were extremely relieved that no major disaster had occurred!!!! I think you will agree that my study is a vast improvement on the kitchen and my old desk at the top of the house. See My window on the world. Although the view is not as impressive, this morning I was visited by a red squirrel who was checking on the availability of almonds on our Almond tree. Of course no camera to hand!
For my next post I will try and sort out why I can't get photos in between the text and how to link to other posts . Any advice will be very gratefully received as I am still a technophobe and require instructions in words of one syllable or less. Now I must concentrate on the cricket, I mean writing.


Anonymous said...

What a lovely area to blog away and finish your novel/s.
What a tank!!! In the words of Scotty....She's going to blow! Or is a tank masculine! Keep up the magnificent work!!! Where is my Christmas card!!! Ha ha!!!J+K

Debs Carr said...

I love your new study, it looks gorgeous.

To put photos in between the text, I cut the photo bit (? can't think what it's called, but the words> etc, that's the photo when you've uploaded it. Then paste it where you want it to go. Takes a bit of practice, but once you do it once, you'll be fine.

Re the linking to posts, I go to the post, copy the link at the top of the page 'http:' etc. Go to the wording in the post that you want to use to link (ie 'Here's the link') Highlight that word then click on the 'open link' button (it's the third one across after b (bold) & i (Italic) at the top of your new post & looks like a globe with a broken chain, you'll know it when you see it) and then that will open a box. You then paste in the link.

Good luck. As you can probably see I'm not exactly a techno genius myself. x