Thursday, 1 September 2011

September already!!!!

Rubbish blogger me? Well yes but there seem to have been a few of us out there this summer. I have no excuses, I haven't been doing much of anything, except soaking up the sun's rays when they have deigned to appear. It's been a rubbish summer, for here anyway, it's all relative isn't it? I've been to the beach a few times, I love swimming in the sea, just wish it was a bit closer, but hey musn't moan. I have been doing a bit of work on the second draft of wip one but there is still a way to go. I have been reading a lot, on my Kindle and real books, so I haven't wasted the whole summer. I have looked in on other bloggers[atleast the ones who have blogged] but I haven't left comments much, so now I am going to try to be a better blogger.
If I have any followers left please call in from time to time and I will try to find something interesting to say. That may be a tall order but I'll give it a go.

To start the ball rolling a book recommendation: A Very Long Engagement by Sebastien Japrisot
This is a French author that I have recently been introduced to and I enjoyed [if that is the right word] this novel. Apparently it was a runaway bestseller in France when it came out in 1991. The theme is the fate of five wounded French soldiers, who in January 1917, were forced into no-man's land by their own side, with their hands bound, and left to die in the cross-fire. The story of this barbaric punishment is slowly uncovered more than two years later by the paralyzed fiance of one of the soldiers. Mathilde Donnay wants to know the truth about what happened and why. And whether her fiance could still be alive. An unusual look at the barbarity of war and also the acts of compassion that such degradation can bring out in people.
This is a book that I shall read again as the story is complicated with intertwined characters, who all deserve more time to get to know them. His writing is quite beautiful in places. A book to savour. I shall try more of his work.
It's good to be back, leave a comment if there is anyone out there!!!


Chris Stovell said...

Good to see you blogging again - your summer sounds very like mine with the sea swimming and reading. Like you, I absolutely love my Kindle and have read even more books since I was given mine.
Thanks for your comment on my blog. Not running is horrible, but since it's a potentially serious eye problem ruling me out, the alternative's worse. As you say, jsut got to sit tight until it sorts itself out.
Best, Cx

liz fenwick said...

Good to see you back!

Anonymous said...

I'm still waiting for you to get back to your farming blog!! For your records we lost "ginger" chicken a week ago...never known a chicken like her she had such a great personality!!!What did you teach that chicken!!! Our others are just ordinary chickens!! How old was she when you left for the South...could she have been 7-8 years old. For your info Foxey still brill after the blow/fly strike. She is a little chesty so dabbing her fleece with oil of eucalyptus (Sheep vick!!) Any tips for possible bot fly..."Handbag has snotty nose!!)
Don't you so miss all this...NOT!!
Your read sounds interesting Saw a review on "The Lantern" by Deborah Lawrenson on to remember.
18 yr old g.daughter here for a week...bit of a culture shock for her but she just adores all the animals!!luv to U+OH! J+K

Jenny Beattie said...

Hey Sheepish, nice to see you. I'm sorry to hear the sun hasn't been out much! It was certainly the most miserable summer I've had in the UK since I lived in Bangkok. Thanks for the book recommendation. My sister in law told me about another French book called Therese Desqueyroux by Francois Mauriac which she thought was wonderful. Have you come across it?

Jen said...

Aha, there you are! What a shame your summer has been duff - much the same all over, it seems. Still, saves bothering on with the bikini diet, eh?

The book sounds intriguing... perfect for these bleak, autumnal days.

So glad you're blogging again :)

sheepish said...

Glad to see some familiar faces.
Chris: hope the eye gets sorted soon so you can get back to running.
Liz: hi.
J&K: maybe I'll put some farming bits in from time to time, keep you happy. "Ginger" chicken was probably the oldest hen in France!!!
JJ: haven't come across the book but will look out for it. We now have some lovely sunny weather so maybe we are in for an Indian summer.
Jen:Summer has been poor for here but still a huge improvement on the UK, so couldn't avoid the usual diet to fit into "skimpy" summer clothes.[Well not that skimpy but I can dream!]