Friday, 21 December 2012

The End of the World!!!

Well as it's going to be the end of the world today I thought a post was in order. Now you all know that I live in the south of France near Carcassonne, what you don't know is that I am very close to Bugarach[see todays Telegraph if you don't know about Bugarach]. So if the world does end today I am in with a shout of jumping on a spaceship and escaping this mad world. We shall of course be going to an End of the World party first to make sure we go out with a BANG. The photos are from a Halloween party but could just as easily be what we can expect tonight!!
If the world doesn't end tonight I would like to wish everyone a very Happy Christmas and a productive New Year, I have every intention of restarting my blog in January, but of course you will have heard this all before so it's a question of watch this space, if you have the energy or inclination!!!
So hopefully see you in January with news from a wannabe writer who needs desperately to get back to writing. Wish me luck!


Jenny Beattie said...

Awww, how lovely to hear from you. I love the Halloween costumes and do hope that you get blogging again in the new year.

Have a happy Christmas!


sheepish said...

Thanks JJ fingers crossed for more blogging. Have a lovely time with your family.