Monday, 25 February 2013

Sleep course week 6

Well I'm not sure if I'm making much progress. I am now going to bed at 12.30am and still getting up at 7am. I am waking atleast once and sometimes two times in the night, but I do go back to sleep quite quickly so that is an improvement. But staying awake til gone midnight evey night is really quite hard and the quality of tele at that time of night is frankly awful. And getting up at 7am at the weekend is not much fun, but I shall continue for a few more weeks to try and reprogram my mind and body. Also I may find it easier just to accept that 5/6 hours sleep per night is all I am going to get and that it is enough. If I stop worrying about how much sleep I'm getting then I may sleep better anyway. All I need to do now is find enough energy to tackle some writing. The weather doesn't help much, we had a few lovely sunny days but now it's been snowing for the last three days and it's freezing cold so very depressing. Roll on spring. And for some reason I couldn't add a photo again, I think my brain is on the blink!!!


Chris Stovell said...

This freezing weather makes everything harder to bear, I so agree with you. You're doing well to stick with your sleep programme - that's a laudable achievement in itself - so hopefully your dedication will begin to produce results. It does sound as if there's been some improvement. I do hope that your body starts to respond and you get the good night's sleep you deserve.

Deborah Carr (Debs) said...

I'm so fed up with this cold weather. It's sunny here today and hopefully tomorrow, but then it's back to rain and colder weather. Roll on spring indeed!