Friday, 21 September 2007

Home then off again!!!

Just a fleeting visit to say that the Sheeps tale will continue after the Rugby!!!
The picture shows the first match with Fiji doing their version of the Haka to Japan, the stadium was packed, a sellout as was France v Namibia.
The first matches we saw were brilliant, the atmosphere was electric. I have never been to World Cups in any sport so it is an amazing experience. So far the organisation has been spot on with Free Parking and Shuttle buses to the Stadium. I am very impressed. Tomorrow we are off to Nantes to watch England play Samoa, a game they must win. It should be another cliff hanger.

All the travelling does take up quite a lot of time and energy so writing and blogging has to take second place for the moment. I will pop in on fellow Racers when I have the time.


Caroline said...

sounds like you're having great fun! enjoy x

Helen said...

Hope you enjoyed the England Samoa game. Thank goodness eh?!

KeVin K. said...

Envy you -- though I don't know a thing about rugby. I followed the soccer (okay, 'football') World Cup around the eastern half of the US a few years ago and I was at the Olympics in Atlanta in 1996. There is something about these international championships that no other sporting event can match -- the confluence of cultures is as fascinating as the games themselves.

JJ said...

Hi Sheepish, Just been and check your word count: there doesn't seem much danger of me catching you up - you're 10K ahead of me!
Hey, here's hoping.