Monday, 10 September 2007

Off to the Rugby World Cup

We have tickets to watch six Rugby Matches over the next month, mostly in Toulouse but also one in Nantes and a Quarter-final in Marseille, so I will be off-line on and off over the next few weeks. Will pop in on other blogs when I can, see you all soon.


Lane said...

But what happened to the sheepies?

Enjoy your rugby jaunt:))

Jen said...

Ooh la la, French rugby players make me drool. Sigh.

Anonymous said...

Just called by to say Hi! I am a sheep farmer's wife in Northumberland, we have moderate size sheep and arable farm. Just wondered if you are affected in any way with our disastrous Foot & Mouth outbreak.

I'll catch up on your blogs while I'm here. Crystal xx

liz fenwick said...

Enjoy. Have been watching it here from Dubai and the dh will green when I tell I know someone who is there :-)