Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Time shifts and building works.

Well that's the only way I can describe the speed with which time is flying by at the moment!!! No update for nearly two months. The builders are making good progress but we will be very pleased whan they finally leave us in peace. It's amazing how much it disturbs our routines and then of course there is the noise and dirt. But it will be worth all the aggro in the long run. But once the builders have finished then the hard work will really start. We are aiming to do the finishing works ourselves, and "flushed" with the success of the new plumbing we are raring to go.

And the sunny weather is finally with us, it's been an iffy spring but now the sun has reappeared with a real warmth in it and the promise of much more to come and good dry weather will make our work easier.

As for my wip I have barely looked at it for weeks but once I get back after my trip to England next week I shall be buckling down to it again. Well at least that's the idea, I just hope I haven't forgotten what it's about!! So just a quick update and more to come soon.


Lane said...

That's a nice looking building!

Glad you're getting a taste of summer. Maybe you can bring some over when you visit:-)

liz fenwick said...

I love the windows...

Enjoy your trip to the UK and good luck getting back to the wip.

Un Peu Loufoque said...

french workmen do seem to go full steam ahead once you get them on site don't they! Good luck with WIP!