Thursday, 31 January 2013

Insomnia rules!!

I'm still having trouble with sleeping, it seems to have been with me forever. I have tried Acupuncture several times and it works for a while then I revert to sleepless nights again. I have also tried Homeopathy and herbal remedies, nothing works. What I won't do is take sleeping pills. But it has got to the point where I feel tired all the time and it's very difficult to concentrate. So I am trying an on-line sleep course[6 weeks] that I read about in the Telegraph. It was set up by a Professor at Glasgow University and uses Cognitive Behaviour Therapy[CBT]. I have just started the second week and so far haven't got beyond the obvious behaviour such as relaxing before bed, cutting out cafeine before bed, having a comfortable bed and bedroom etc. All of which I have already addressed. But I'm hoping as the weeks progress there will be new ideas and suggestions. So I will give updates as the weeks pass. I have my fingers crossed. Meanwhile I have been spending a little time on trying to sort out where I am with wip 1. I had left it untouched for quite a while so it will take some time to see what needs doing, but I am determined to finish the 2nd draft. Meanwhile the photo is how I would like to sleep!!

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