Thursday, 17 September 2009

Building work continues

Before and after photos of the new extension at the back of the house which will eventually be our new kitchen. The OH did the demolition of the old sheds, it was quite a job as the previous owner had used enormous beams for his construction, and all held together with 6 inch nails!!!!

I start a mini race with JJ and the builders return with a vengence. They have been replacing the tiles and some of the timbers on the old part of the house and at times the noise is too much to bear. It sounds like a herd of elephants with clogs on tap dancing!!!!!! And every job seems to be more complicated than anticipated, due I think to some previous rather eclectic building methods. Still the builders assure us it will all be alright in the end!!!!

Yesterday was so bad I took myself off for a walk, found a bench in the sun overlooking the village and managed about 700 words. Not bad in the circumstances. Today is not much better so may try the same again. At least the weather is on our side. Lovely warm sunny days.
I just can't wait for them to be finished and gone. Now I must try and do some of my wip.


JJ Beattie said...

Hello Sheepish, I am SO sorry to hear the builders are back... Are they taking up LOTS of your time? Don't forget to stand over them with your whip... or wip... (as long as you aren't writing it!)

ChrisH said...

Thanks for your comment. I've taken heart from that and this post because we've looked at a complete renovation project this morning and I wondered if it's possible to rebuild a house and write - well, you seem to be doing it! Well done. JJ, did you send the builders over??

Debs said...

Love your extension, gorgeous.

Your 700 words is 700 more than mine!

Amanda said...

Hi Sheepish - Thanks for popping over to say hello! :-)

The photos are brilliant! I can empathise a little about the noise - we recently had a whole development being built on a plot of land next to our house - the noise was awful!