Sunday, 20 September 2009

Sunday word count

Well another on target week with just over 3500 words. Considering the noise and mess the builders have been making I am quite pleased with the weeks work. However I know that it's going to get harder the closer I get to finishing. Because then I will have to do something with it!!!! While it's not finished I can keep it under wraps and keep those demons at bay. You know the ones, sit on your shoulder and tell you what rubbish it all is and you can't possibly let anyone else read this twaddle.
Still a way to go before that, so JJ how has your week been. And shouldn't you be with your family instead of indulging yourself in a Starbucks??????
I'm off to market now for a bit of people watching, so catch you later JJ.


JJ Beattie said...

NOPE: Husband and Daughter having piano lessons, Son doing homework. Me? I wasn't writing today, I was out at the cinema!

Words this week: 4121 words. Corrr! I whipped your woolly backside... just like I said I would!

(Brilliant to have the competition...)

DJ Kirkby said...

Ahem...I managed almost 6000 words this weekend. *yay me*

ChrisH said...

Sheepish, just wanted to try to let you know as sensitively I could in a public arena that the subject of my blog today may be upsetting. May be better avoided. Best. CX

DJ Kirkby said...

Impressive! 4,707 words for me this week. I is worth getting up at 5am to write. I tagged you btw. x